DiSS workshop history and the FPRC bibliography

Poster sessionI'm pleased to announce that I have now uploaded all of the Disfluency in Spontaneous Speech workshop paper citations (with abstracts) to the FPRC Bibliography.  You can browse the citations, read the abstracts and even download the whole historical list, if you like. Links are also provided to where you can download the actual papers for most of the workshops. Unfortunately, papers for a couple of the workshops are not yet available on-line, so I can't provide links to those, yet. But you can at least peruse the abstracts.  I will add download links as soon as it's possible.

I'd also like to announce that I've created a list of pages about the DiSS series of workshops. There isn't any official organization or agency that is responsible for managing the workshops which means that some information about them is not easy to find. I've decide to voluntarily provide some pages that can serve as a detailed guide to researchers who may be interested in the work that has been reported at these workshops over the years, but doesn't want to search for the records workshop by workshop -- or even worse, author by author.

So far there have been seven workshops. The following links go directly to a page about each workshop as well as one informative overview page.

I suppose some visitors to these pages may have actually attended some of the earlier events (I've attended only 2010, 2013, and 2015) and may have some additional information or even corrections about the the given information. If so, feel free to contact me and suggest some additional information. My hope is that these pages will be of use to researchers as well as to future potential organizers. So the more information, the better.