The Disfluency in Spontaneous Speech (DiSS) workshop series

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This page is an introduction to the workshop series known as Disfluency in Spontaneous Speech, or DiSS, for short. First let me make clear up front that this is NOT the official site for the DiSS. In fact, there is no official organization that manages the DiSS workshops.  It has been run over the years due to the volunteer efforts of varying persons around the world (though mostly in the UK and Europe). This also means that there is no central locus of information about the workshop as many organizers are widely dispersed and web sites through which the workshops were organized come and go.

Thus, I thought it would be useful to have one site where the crucial historical facts of the DiSS workshops can be recorded for those who are interested. Thus, I volunteer to maintain a few pages on this web site for this purpose. I'm happy to answer inquiries about DiSS as best I can (I am, in fact, a late-comer to the series), but it would probably be best to direct questions about any upcoming workshops to the organizers once they are made known. I will happily provide links as each forthcoming workshop is announced.

Finally, I should note that most of the DiSS workshop papers have been archived at the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA) archive and I will not attempt to supersede that (download links from here will go to there).  But this site is meant to amalgamate some additional information about the workshop as well as provide narrower search and indexing capability. I hope you will find it useful.