RT : speech recognition based on filled pauses needs further insight... That's good news! — 1 year 17 weeks ago
RT : This looks incredibly useful. I suspect I'll be consulting it regularly. year 17 weeks ago
RT : top , book Japan Series spot - The Japan News year 18 weeks ago
RT : Baseball: Carp roll into 1st Japan Series since 1991 year 18 weeks ago
RT : 今年の早稲田祭では、ルノワールの《ムーラン・ド・ラ・ギャレット》のライブペインティングを行います! また、【時間】がテーマの展覧会【刻刻展】や、オリジナルグッズの販売も行いますので是非お越しください!(くわまん)#早稲田祭 year 18 weeks ago
Yup. Campus was dark for about 15 mins. Lab across hall was doing an ERP expt. Data lost. Time to get power backups! year 19 weeks ago
Referred to it in a lesson with my university students a couple of days ago -- got blank stares back... year 19 weeks ago
Only recently learned of the pen-pineapple-apple-pen phenom. It's not really a thing here in Japan... year 19 weeks ago
Has it really been 30 years? Well, almost... year 19 weeks ago
Visited the Hongo campus of University of Tokyo today... year 19 weeks ago
. I think I've seen such a correspondence analysis elsewhere... year 19 weeks ago
Some interesting counts in first Clinton/Trump by Ye Tian. year 20 weeks ago
My colleagues know I'm a bit of a comma pedant, but this is ridiculous: "A comma is required if there is no comma." year 20 weeks ago
RT : Linguistics is to language what Physics is to the universe, encompassing everything to do with that subject. —R. Mesthrie — 1 year 21 weeks ago