RT : speech recognition based on filled pauses needs further insight... That's good news! — 1 year 6 weeks ago
RT : This looks incredibly useful. I suspect I'll be consulting it regularly. year 7 weeks ago
RT : top , book Japan Series spot - The Japan News year 8 weeks ago
RT : Baseball: Carp roll into 1st Japan Series since 1991 year 8 weeks ago
RT : 今年の早稲田祭では、ルノワールの《ムーラン・ド・ラ・ギャレット》のライブペインティングを行います! また、【時間】がテーマの展覧会【刻刻展】や、オリジナルグッズの販売も行いますので是非お越しください!(くわまん)#早稲田祭 year 8 weeks ago
Yup. Campus was dark for about 15 mins. Lab across hall was doing an ERP expt. Data lost. Time to get power backups! year 8 weeks ago
Referred to it in a lesson with my university students a couple of days ago -- got blank stares back... year 9 weeks ago
Only recently learned of the pen-pineapple-apple-pen phenom. It's not really a thing here in Japan... year 9 weeks ago
Has it really been 30 years? Well, almost... year 9 weeks ago
Visited the Hongo campus of University of Tokyo today... year 9 weeks ago
. I think I've seen such a correspondence analysis elsewhere... year 9 weeks ago
Some interesting counts in first Clinton/Trump by Ye Tian. year 10 weeks ago
My colleagues know I'm a bit of a comma pedant, but this is ridiculous: "A comma is required if there is no comma." year 10 weeks ago
RT : Linguistics is to language what Physics is to the universe, encompassing everything to do with that subject. —R. Mesthrie — 1 year 11 weeks ago