Googling from Jpn: 1&2 - Info-tech Promotion Agency ( Jpn) 3 - linguistics. No ale in top ten. Google to me: "Stud… year 48 weeks ago
I announce a failure to replicate the Effect... in my 8th-grade science report... via 1 year 48 weeks ago
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RT : Fruehwald 2016: Filled pause behaves like normal ling variable - ongoing changes and external/internal variation. year 49 weeks ago
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How about using a tool like and search for job search-related tweets by region? year 49 weeks ago
RT : Just heard this amazing news. Congratulations, Susan! year 49 weeks ago
RIP. Years ago, I worked at one ND Seishin school. Never met Sr. Watanabe, but heard many impressive stories. year 50 weeks ago
Though smaller in scale, I use to manage my lab: Really eases communication with collabs, RAs, and TAs. year 50 weeks ago
RT : The effect of filled pauses on the processing of the surface form and the establishment of causal connections duri… year 50 weeks ago
RT : Looking forward to hosting you both in Japan! I'll be announcing the symposium details for everyone shortly. year 50 weeks ago
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RT : TESOL just posted an ESP blog entry where I talk about leadership and the creation of my department. See it here: year 51 weeks ago
Congratulations to Barbara. I saw her talk, and indeed, it was a very lucid presentation on . year 52 weeks ago