RT : Sad to announce: Hans Rosling died in Uppsala this morning. Memorial info later. year 10 weeks ago
RT : This is very, very sad. We all learned so much from you Hans! We will miss you very much. year 10 weeks ago
RT : こんにちは。2月展のお知らせです! 【題名】終展 【テーマ】終焉 【会期】2月13日(月)〜2月16日(木) 【場所】学生会館2階アトリウム 是非お越しください!(くわまん) — 1 year 10 weeks ago
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RTing this tweet from the author of the article I linked to yesterday. year 11 weeks ago
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Full disclosure: the article happens to feature yours truly. year 11 weeks ago
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RT : LSA Member John McWhorter on why it's literally not wrong to say "literally." year 12 weeks ago
RT : Many thanks to and (from U of Birmingham ) for their inightful talks on corpus research today. 1 year 13 weeks ago
I'll be there! year 13 weeks ago
RT : Mt. Fiji cutting through the clouds. year 13 weeks ago
This is one reason I've grown interested in studying the speech in the Santa Barbara Corpus year 13 weeks ago
Googling from Jpn: 1&2 - Info-tech Promotion Agency ( Jpn) 3 - linguistics. No ale in top ten. Google to me: "Stud… year 14 weeks ago