I have very similar results with L1 Japanese - L2 English speakers. year 31 weeks ago
RT : Comparing Online and Offline Methodologies for Spoken Corpus Annotation. The case of Filled Pauses an... year 32 weeks ago
Thanks! Sorry not to see you there. See you later, then! — 1 year 35 weeks ago
Glad to hear my paper for Disfluency in Spontaneous Speech has been accepted. Looking forward to it! year 35 weeks ago
RT : Lots of segmentation happening on the this week. Look at this beautiful filled pause (UH) from a Wak… year 36 weeks ago
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Is a Japanese translation forthcoming? 日本語訳はまだ? year 39 weeks ago
Was pleased to speak to the linguists at the University of Lisbon Faculty of Letters yesterday. Great audience & insightful questions. Thx! — 1 year 40 weeks ago
My father often retold a story about an editor he knew named "Edward". The writers around him would often try to sa… year 42 weeks ago
My alter ego I suppose? — 1 year 45 weeks ago
"Josef Frueh". Is that you? year 45 weeks ago
RT : actually that's a real thing lots of languages do, it's called a filled pause and it exists for the exact reason you said — 1 year 47 weeks ago
RT : Updated Bibliography my latest publications on DIAL here year 48 weeks ago
RT : Autistic children use fillers (um, uh, hmm...) at a lower rate than typical children speech disfluency study, free — 1 year 48 weeks ago