To read: Multilingual study of other-initiated repair (vs. Leveltian self-initiated repair). years 17 weeks ago
RT : Research finds universal principles in the ‘repair’ of : 3 years 17 weeks ago
Great speech visualization and synthesis tools from Prof. in Japan. years 18 weeks ago
Good timing for me: Texas Language Education Research Conference (San Antonio, Texas, USA) 19 Feb - 20 Feb, 2016 years 18 weeks ago
Hope I can attend: Int'l Conf on Computer Supported Education (Rome, Italy) 21 Apr - 23 Apr, 2016 years 18 weeks ago
RT : Upcoming workshop (and CFP): Individual differences in language processing across the adult life span years 18 weeks ago
This'll be good: Int'l Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English (Hong Kong, China) 25 May - 29 May, 2016 years 19 weeks ago
Looks good: Int'l Spring Forum of English Linguistic Society of Japan (Kobe, Japan) 23 Apr - 24 Apr, 2016 years 19 weeks ago
New post >> DiSS workshop history and the FPRC bibliography years 19 weeks ago
and playing symphony. Heckuva gig! No music sounded good since... years 19 weeks ago
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RT : かなり前に公開した以下のリアルタイムツールのGUIをリサイズ可能にしました。MacとWindowsで同様に利用できます。Compilerの問題でMatlab非依存版はまだです。 years 20 weeks ago
Phonemics Daily is out! Stories via 3 years 21 weeks ago
.: ... listeners focus on silent pause duration and articulation rate for fluency judgments. 2/2 3 years 22 weeks ago