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. Thanks for the tweet! Here's a link to the bibliography top level: years 14 weeks ago
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Best abstract I've read in a while! Is there a linguist's version of this forthcoming? Perhaps a squib? years 15 weeks ago
FL in Mar sounds nice: CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing (Gainesville, FL, USA) 3 Mar - 5 Mar, 2016 years 15 weeks ago
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So apparently, Bostonian Spanish gets a schwa via English FPs. Interesting! years 15 weeks ago
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Heard the talk at Glasgow. Really interesting work! years 17 weeks ago
This'd be fun: Miami FLing 2016 (Miami, FL, USA) 9 Mar - 12 Mar, 2016 years 17 weeks ago
Wish I could go: Innovative Approaches to Second Language Reading (Hartford, CT, USA) 17 Mar - 20 Mar, 2016 years 17 weeks ago
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