You know, after gets released, only one mention will be necessary. 24 weeks 4 days ago
...and include the *full* citation. Don't just bury it in the third 'graf with a hyperlink on the phrase 'an articl… weeks 2 days ago
Thanks to for sharing this w/ me! weeks 3 days ago
"I like to imagine the guy who invented the umbrella was going to call it the 'brella'. But he hesitated" Andy Field weeks 3 days ago
RT : The view from the conference room at DiSS2017 at KTH, Stockholm weeks 18 hours ago
RT : Check out the filled pause at the end here weeks 4 days ago
RT : Problem w/ automated assessment of fluency: it only accounts for 30-50% of the variance: see our paper on L2 French… weeks 5 days ago
I KNEW there was a trick! 🍷 — 27 weeks 6 days ago
Try some more wine and you'll see them right enough Ralph! — 27 weeks 6 days ago
Are there really 16 circles? Or are there actually 16 polygons that approximate circles? As for me, I don't see a… weeks 6 days ago
Thanks, Laurence! My pleasure. Now let's talk about my cut of of the freeware profits... ,-) — 28 weeks 5 hours ago
Now I've used 'in the wild', here's a big shout out to my friend and colleague for the original idea of the tool. — 28 weeks 5 hours ago
RT : Full text of Hiroshima Peace Declaration on 72nd A-bomb anniversary weeks 13 hours ago
RT : Envoys from 80 countries to attend Hiroshima A-bomb ceremony weeks 1 day ago