The original corpus of hesitation phenomena, collated in 1998.

Original Corpus of Hesitation Phenomena (CHP)

The original corpus of hesitation phenomena (CHP) was collated in 1997-1998 as part of my master's dissertation work (University of Birmingham). I was interested in studying the use of filled pauses in spontaneous speech and implications for how we should approach them in second language instruction. The purpose of the corpus was to gather my own primary data on filled pauses which could be compared against what was currently known about filled pauses and then used as a basis for language teaching recommendations.

Corpus of Hesitation Phenomena

The Corpus of Hesitation Phenomena is a corpus of speech which has been transcribed and annotated for various speech features, most notably types of hesitation phenomena (e.g., silent pauses, filled pauses, repairs). The corpus is actually a family of three corpora, as follows.

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