Crosslinguistic Corpus of Hesitation Phenomena (CCHP)

The crosslinguistic corpus of hesitation phenomena (CCHP) is an ongoing project to organize a corpus of first and second language recorded speech in response to several speaking tasks. It is supported by a three-year Grant-in-Aid from Japan's Ministry for Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology under the title "Hesitation Phenomena in Second Language Development" (in Japanese, 「第二言語習得における躊躇現象」). The fundamental goal is the same as that of the CCHP pilot corpus: to investigate and determine the trajectory for the use of hesitation phenomena in second language development while accounting for individual speaking patterns.

The design of the corpus is essentially the same as that described in the pilot: 30 native speakers of Japanese will be recording speaking in response to parallel tasks in both their first language and in English, their second language. The tasks remain the same, though the recording environment has been improved with the use of a sound-proof (well, sound-attenuated) room, and specialized recording equipment.

In addition, consent has been obtained from each participant to make the recordings and annotated transcripts publicly available. Therefore, as these are prepared for distribution, they will be uploaded and made available through the FPRC web site. Please check the web site for updates.

The ReadMe.txt file explains the corpus construction in detail.