Repairs and repetitions in spontaneous Mandarin

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Disfluency in Spontaneous Speech (DiSS '03), Volume 90, Göteborg, Sweden, p.73-76 (2003)





246 overt repairs, 653 complete repetitions and 475 partial repetitions were identified in an annotated corpus of spontaneous Mandarin conversations. On the basis of the data, this paper investigates Mandarin repairs and repetitions by segmenting them into the reparandum part, the editing part and the reparans part and by tagging them using the CKIP automatic word segmentation and tagging system. Results of the use of editing term, the distribution of part of speech and syllables in the reparandum are presented. Semantic differences and similarity in the discrepancy of tagging results of the reparandum and the reparans are also discussed.


Göteborg University; September 5-8, 2003