Disfluency and laughter annotation agreement in a light-weight dialogue mark-up protocol

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


The 7th Workshop on Disfluency in Spontaneous Speech (DiSS 2015), Edinburgh, Scotland (2015)


disfluency annotation, DiSS, German corpora, inter-annotator agreement, laughter, spontaneous speech


Despite a great deal of research effort, disfluency and laughter annotation is still an unsolved problem, both in terms of consensus for a general applicable system, and in terms of annotation agreement metrics. In this paper we present a new annotation scheme within a light-weight mark-up for spontaneous speech. We show, despite the low overhead required for understanding the annotation protocol, it allows for good inter-annotator agreement and can be used to map onto existing disfluency categorization, with no loss of information.


University of Edinburgh; August 8-9, 2015