LUCID: a corpus of spontaneous and read clear speech in British English

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


DiSS-LPSS Joint Workshop 2010 - 5th Workshop on Disfluency in Spontaneous Speech and 2nd International Symposium on Linguistic Patterns in Spontaneous Speech, Tokyo, Japan, p.3-6 (2010)



clear speech, DiSS, interaction, Speech production, spontaneous speech


This paper describes LUCID, the London UCL Clear Speech in Interaction Database, which contains spontaneous and read speech in clear and casual speaking styles for 40 Southern British English speakers. The problem-solving task used to collect the spontaneous speech, the DiapixUK task, is also described, along with ways of using the task to elicit different types of clear speech without explicit instruction, e,g. using different ‘barriers’ to communication. Applications of the corpus and of the task materials for future research projects are discussed. The corpus and materials will be available online to the research community at the end of the project.


University of Tokyo; September 25-26, 2010